8 Reasons Why the Middle Child Is the Best Child

As the theory goes, middle children are forever fated to be ignored in favor of the accomplished, mature firstborns and cute, needy lastborns. So they end up getting lost in the shuffle of their own families — and develop severe inferiority complexes as a result. The idea that middle children are emotionally bereft has also gained traction in popular culture, such as Stephanie Tanner on Full House.

Beauty Tips

11 Beauty Uses for Lemons

এই আর্টিকেল টি বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন You might love lemonade and lemon chicken, but your skin and hair love lemons even more—they have an amazing range of beauty benefits. […]


Recipes – 7 Layer tea

Making procedure. First 1 table Two tablespoons of water with a teaspoon of sugar Sira, should be mixed . Then As the amount of water on the stove and tea […]


14 movies about love based on real events

Many of us listen to exciting stories about love and say, ’That only happens in the movies,’ as reality is often much more simple and ordinary. Bright Side has prepared for you a selection of 14 movies about […]


Babul rebuts father-in-law’s claim

Babul pointed out that his in-laws had previously made statements in the media attesting to his good marriage with Mitu A day after Babul Akter’s in-laws alleged that his murdered […]



Reasons of post-pregnancy weight gain

Continuing to gain weight post-pregnancy? Do not put the blame on your pregnancy, but on your lifestyle choices post-delivery, researchers say. The findings showed that mothers keep the weight on […]


Things women love most

এই আর্টিকেল টি বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন 18 is the minimum age (in most jurisdictions, at least) at which you’re legally empowered to have sex, and that makes it the […]

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